Currently only a source distribution is available. You will need to build the jar yourself after downloading the distribution according to instructions below.


XSnapshot is an XDoclet module; thus it requires that you have XDoclet installed. It should work with XDoclet 1.2b3 or higher; it may work with earlier versions as well but we have not tested it. Instructions for downloading and setting up XDoclet can be found here

Downloading XSnapshot

The latest stable version of XDoclet is available from the SourceForge download page.

Building XSnapshot


  • J2SE 1.4.2 or higher
  • Ant 1.5 or higher installed
  • Maven 1.0 RC3 or higher installed if you wish to build the site docs
To build:
  • the jars - ant jars. The jars will be found in the dist directory. There are two jars generated:
    • xdoclet-xsnapshot-module.jar - this should be used in the classpath for the xsnapshotdoclet in the code generation step.
    • xsnapshot.jar - this should be used in the classpath for compiling the generated code, and at runtime.
    See the QuickStart Guide for more info.
  • the site docs - ant site-docs. The docs will be located in dist/docs.
  • the sample app - follow instructions in the Sample Application Guide