Release History

1.0 beta 5 2004-10-01
1.0 beta 4 2004-06-07
1.0 beta 3 2004-05-06
1.0 beta 2 2004-05-06
1.0 beta 1 2004-04-13
0.9 Before April 2004

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Release 1.0 beta 5 - 2004-10-01

add First official file release posted on sourceforge. dkokotov
add Added "booleanGetterStrategy" parameter to the ant task that specifies whether getters of boolean-valued properties in snapshots should be of the "isFoo" or "getFoo" form dkokotov
add Added 3 standard TypeConverters: CollectionToSizeConverter, ParseDateConverter, FormatDateConverter dkokotov
fix Fixed init-value attribute not being read for collection, array, and map-valued properties dkokotov
fix Fixed incorrect handling of xsnapshot tags in superclasses of the class being processed. dkokotov
fix Fixed number of minor bugs in templates. dkokotov
update Updated sample application and wrote sample application guide wrschneider99

Release 1.0 beta 4 - 2004-06-07

add added better support for working with the registry using the singleton pattern dkokotov
fix Fixed bug in not recognizing implemented interfaces. dkokotov
fix Fixed bug in XSnapshotUtils dkokotov

Release 1.0 beta 3 - 2004-05-06

update improved calculation of default collection/map declared types and underlying ("runtime") types. Fixes XV-9. dkokotov
add added support for the init-value attribute. This allows you to specify initial values for member variables in the snapshot. Fixes XV-12. Thanks to Dale Newfield. dkokotov
add added generate-helper attribute to control whether the helper class is generated for a given snapshot. dkokotov
update made exceptions in init-listener not crash the app. bschneider

Release 1.0 beta 2 - 2004-05-06

update made XsnapshotException and its subclasses unchecked. dkokotov

Release 1.0 beta 1 - 2004-04-13

update complete refactoring of codebase. dkokotov
update renaming of many tags and attributes in attempt to be more consistent and precise. dkokotov
add added separate xsnapshot.array tag for arrays. dkokotov
add added separate xsnapshot.array tag for arrays. dkokotov
add added expr and type conversion support for elements of collections and keys/values of maps dkokotov
update factored out configuration of registry from a properties file into separate class. dkokotov
add added context listener to configure a registry singleton. dkokotov
add added Spring Factory Bean for easy Spring integration. dkokotov

Release 0.9 - Before April 2004